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MDF panels and panels for compartment wardrobe

Medium Density Fiberboard or just MDF— one of the most popular finishing materials for compartment wardrobes. It’s used when creating cabinet furniture, in particular, when assembling sliding doors.

Depending on the design, panels and MDF boards are used.

MDF boards for compartment wardrobe

To create a stylish and high-quality facade, it is convenient to use a MDF board. The “” company proposes to design doors based on sheets with a width of 1030 mm.

Optimal plate length is – 2800 mm.

Advantage of sheet MDF in convenient cutting of the whole part of the material. On the basis of plates it is easy to create a facade, imitating a continuous cut of a natural massif.

“RIAL.PRO” launched the production of MDF sheet size of 2800 mm*1030 mm and thickness of 10 mm.

Soft-touch colors

Soft-touch or soft-feel — it is a special elastic rubber-like matte paint coating. It is also called “soft plastic” and “rubber-like plastic”. The coating has good adhesion to metals, wood, fabrics and most polymeric materials, increased wear resistance, hygienic and can withstand prolonged abrasion loads. The coating increases the impact strength of brittle materials and also absorbs sound and light well. It is also anti-corrosion protection.

To obtain different colors and shades, pigments are added to the composition, for the visual effect of "sequins" — bronze and aluminum powder, and to give the products a pleasant smell — flavors. To save in the composition of "Soft touch" can also be added filler (talc), although this leads to deterioration in the quality of the coating.

MDF - Soft touch white
Soft touch white
MDF - Soft touch beige
Soft touch beige
MDF - Soft touch cappuccino
Soft touch cappuccino
MDF - Soft touch chocolate
Soft touch chocolate
MDF - Soft touch gray
Soft touch gray
MDF - Fusion white
Fusion white
MDF - Fusion beige
Fusion beige
MDF - Fusion gray
Fusion gray
MDF - Fusion cappuccino
Fusion cappuccino
MDF - Fusion chocolate
Fusion chocolate
MDF - Fusion black
Fusion black
MDF - Galaxy white
Galaxy white
MDF - Galaxy beige
Galaxy beige
MDF - Galaxy cappuccino
Galaxy cappuccino
MDF - Galaxy chocolate
Galaxy chocolate
MDF - Galaxy black
Galaxy black

Simple colors

MDF - White gloss
White gloss
MDF - Beige gloss
Beige gloss
MDF - Bianco gloss
Bianco gloss
MDF - Beilis gloss
Beilis gloss
MDF - Twill pearls
Twill pearls
MDF - Twill satin
Twill satin
MDF - Twill whiskey
Twill whiskey
MDF - Jacquard pearls
Jacquard pearls
MDF - Jacquard pink
Jacquard pink
MDF - Punto white
Punto white
MDF - Punto pearls
Punto pearls
MDF - Punto cream
Punto cream
MDF - Breeze white
Breeze white
MDF - Breeze bayliss
Breeze bayliss
MDF - Breeze beige
Breeze beige
MDF - Argyle pearls
Argyle pearls
MDF - Jaspeado copper
Jaspeado copper
MDF - Jaspeado satin
Jaspeado satin
MDF - Jaspeado silver
Jaspeado silver
MDF - Alpha satin
Alpha satin
MDF - Alpha truffle
Alpha truffle
MDF - Viejo oak
Viejo oak
MDF - Oxide silver
Oxide silver
MDF - Crystal pearls
Crystal pearls
MDF - Delta beige
Delta beige
MDF - Delta pearls
Delta pearls
MDF - Delta rum
Delta rum
MDF - Delta satin
Delta satin
MDF - Delta graphite
Delta graphite
MDF - Croc pearls
Croc pearls
MDF - Walnut patina light
Walnut patina light
MDF - Wenge patina structural
Wenge patina structural

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